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                An annual one National Day long vacation finally arrived, I go out with my father and mother, visit places of interest, enjoy the great culture of the motherland。 Stores the door hung balloons and colorful flags, red, yellow, green…… Is permeated with a festive atmosphere。 Inside is buzzing, carried out a series of promotional activities。 The street people mountain people sea, riding car also want to be a long queue for tickets。 Scenic visitors like a long dragon, countless。 Www.Zi_ueKaoShi.neT.Men, women, and children should enjoy, people took advantage of the holiday come out to play。 The parking lot, hotel, shopping mall must be very considerable。

                National Day is a happy day, peoples living standards improve really fast。 In our motherland mothers arms。 Happiness, happy growth, I wish the motherland mother always beautiful, always prosperous and wish the motherland prosperity every year, the rich!





                On October 1st 2020 all Chinese people were e_cited because it was our nation's 71th birthday ,To organize our school learn to sing patriotic songs, learn more about our older generation of revolutionary martyrs, the glorious history of struggle, accept patriotic education and training of our national pride.Walking in the street, I found that Our cities are becoming more and more beautiful.So, I see the vast land, the sons and daughters in between heaven and earth sing. Celebrating the birthday of the motherland 60 years of age, to the name of the Republic of children, to pay tribute to the motherland, in order to bless the motherThe 60th anniversary of National Day celebrations brought us tremendous shock。We must study hard in order to repay the motherland of our culture!



                Since the golden week comes, I will be very happy, because my parents and I will spend the time together. We won’t go far because of the increasing number of peole. Thus, we choose to barbecue in the park. It is a family gathering. We talk and play very happily. My uncles come and share the GREat moment with us.



                This year is the __th anniversary of the founding of new China! On October 1st, our whole family sit by the TV and waiting to watch early time big parade。

                At ten o clock, the National Day military parade formally started, only saw many soldiers standing in front of tiananmen, navy, air force, army。。。 Stand straight, straight, like hits the forceful pine, President review。 The parade shows the motherland strong defense force, peaceful country and safe people, the motherland prosperity of beautiful landscape。

                During the National Day, grandpa and I went to play in the humble administrators garden。 The car on the road, I saw the window renmin bridge garlands made of flowers on both sides, in the sunshine more bright beautiful, make the atmosphere of the National Day more strong! Walk in the small street to the humble administrators garden,Www. Zi_ueKaoShi .neT see stalls on both sides of the street with a red flag with five stars, to e_press the affection to the motherland。 Many foreign visitors to see the beautiful scenery heartfelt held out a thumb。 In the humble administrators garden is the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum can be more color, yellow, red, white, colorful, beautiful!

                The National Day make me deeper understanding of the motherland; A profound feelings for the motherland also; Make me more love my motherland China!







                Autumn day, day blue, green, and wind weather; Osmanthus fragrance, harvest in the prosperous; Flowers, birds singing beautiful days, splendid home。 People rejoice YingHuai, decorating, festive red lanterns hung high — celebrating the National Day, celebrating the 54th birthday of the motherlands birthday。

                Our country has a long history, is humongous, rivers beautiful, she has e_perienced e_traordinary ordeal, her unyielding national spirit and attention。 Since liberation, the wise leadership of the central committee and the joint efforts of people all over the country, the motherland prosperity step by step, she stood in the world powers with a new gesture。 The scene spectacular magic of nature, that is the light of hope, if we are wise, bringing light to our life。 We did not have such stability and happy life environment。

                We like love the sun, love the party and the motherland, for her hard work and effort dedication。 Strong national wealth and the people, lets wish: bless you, our motherland!
















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